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Liquid Roof


Dewatering Polymer Composition

Liquid Roof - swift renovation
Жидкая Кровля - быстрый ремонт

"Liquid Roof - swift renovation" is the dewatering polymer composition, specially designed for the construction and waterproofing of roofs, repair of roofing materials and elimination of roof leaks. Leakages repairing can be carried out even during a rain or a wet snow. This composition is also used to repair vans roofs, to renovate the rooftops of railway carriages, to protect a metal from corrosion in the construction of garages and construction of hangars.

«Liquid Roof - swift renovation" can be applied without a completely removing of the rust from a metal roofing materials. The composition has the high capillarity; therefore, the porous rust layer will be impregnated while treatment. The primer is already included in the composition formula, which helps to achieve a high adhesion of the coating even up to the old, UV damaged or rusty surfaces; that helps to eliminate quickly the roof leaks.

«Liquid Roof - swift renovation" can be applied equally well both on dry and clean, and on wet or dirty surfaces. It consist the special dewatering additive that removes water from the pores and cavities of roofing materials during the application. Water is collected in balls as if it is mercury, without disturbing the treatment process. If necessary, it is allowed to operate under a layer of water. This composition can be used effectively for repair a house with your own hands, for waterproofing roofs and also for the further protection of metal roofs in wet conditions.

«Liquid Roof - swift renovation" is used as a primer for gluing of an asphaltic concrete to metal or monolithic concrete constructions, for example spans of bridges. This composition allows you to work in any weather conditions.

«Liquid Roof - swift renovation" is used for the construction of planar roofing coverings, waterproofing of loggias and balcony slabs. This polymer composition can be used as a dewatering primer for priming roofs before applying the composition known as "Liquid Rubber", or lying of a "Flexible Tile."

«Liquid Roof - swift renovation" can be applied at temperatures up to - 15 C; in this case the surface should be free from ice or mud. This polymer composition is optimal for an emergency roof repair because of the simplicity of use, high speed of application and convenience in operation.

«Liquid Roof - swift renovation" - it is an opportunity to buy the roofing material, the primer and the dewatering agent at the same time. Moreover, now you can work in any weather.

Features and Benefits:

- Elastic polymer composition with good adhesion to soft, slate or metallic roofs, concrete and steel structures.
- It has a high capillarity, penetrates deeply into the pores and impregnates rust.
- Composition contains the high adhesion primer. Uniformly fills all cracks, cavities and damages.
- Can be applied on wet and rusty surfaces without preparation. It displaces the water. No need to waste time and money for drying and preparation of the roof.
- Emergency repair of leakages can be carried out even during a rain or a wet snow. No need to wait for a suitable weather.
- Can be applied equally well both on dry and clean, and on wet or dirty surfaces and even under the water layer.
- Due to the high elasticity can be applied at negative temperatures (up to 15C); this coating will not be cracked.
- High resistance to aggressive salt and acid solutions.
- A single component composition is easy to use. Just open, mix and paint.
Fields of application:

- Repair of roofing.
- Waterproofing of roofs.
- Reliable repairs of the roof leaks.
- It will to cover quickly a roof with your own hands.
- Building of a bath.
- Leakages repairing in any conditions.
- Repairing of vans roofs, renovation the rooftops of railway carriages.
- Terraces and balconies waterproofing.
- Construction of garages, hangars, sheds.
- Waterproofing of the foam concrete blocks walls.
- Repair of bridges and overpasses.
- Dewatering primer for the «Liquid Rubber".

• The color of composition: Black.
• Climatic belts of application: All.
• Applied by brush or by spraying.
• Forms of packaging: bucket (20 kg.), can (2.4 kg), 

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