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Liquid Locker

Dewatering Polymer Composition

Liquid Locker
Жидкий Локер

"Liquid Locker" is the dewatering polymer composition, specially designed for anti-corrosion treatment of cars, noise insulation of wheel arches, for protecting ships, steel pontoons and bridges. This composition is also used to protect a metal from corrosion, painting metal surfaces and for the protection of steel constructions. It can be also used as high-quality conservation of hidden cavities and to repair vans roofs.

"Liquid Locker" can be applied without a completely removing of the rust from a metal or a car. The composition has the high capillarity; therefore, the porous rust layer will be impregnated while treatment. The primer is already included in the composition formula, which helps to achieve a high adhesion of the coating even up to the rusty metal surfaces.

"Liquid Locker" can be applied equally well both on dry and clean, and on wet or dirty surfaces. It consist the special dewatering additive that removes water from the pores, cavities and metal surfaces during the application. Water is collected in balls as if it is mercury, without disturbing the treatment process. This composition can be used effectively to repair ships, boats, and for protect metal constructions under humid conditions; for example for painting metal piers, bridges, fences, or to renovate garages and sheds.

"Liquid Locker" penetrates well into pores and clearances between the elements, even when there is moisture remaining inside, and also forms an elastic coating on the surface. The polymeric composition can be applied at temperatures up to - 15C; in this case the surface should be free from ice or mud. Saline efflorescence of anti-icing materials must be washed off before treatment, to prevent the decrease of metal corrosion protection.

"Liquid Locker" - it is an opportunity to buy the anti-corrosive composition, the primer and the noise insulation material at the same time. Moreover, now you can work in any weather.

Features and Benefits:

- Elastic polymer composition will not be damaged from the cold, by a deformation, vibration or a hitting by stones. Good adhesion to metal surfaces.
- Can be applied on wet and rusty surfaces without preparation. It displaces the water.
- It has a high capillarity, penetrates deeply into the pores and impregnates rust.
- Composition contains the high adhesion primer. Uniformly fills all cracks, cavities and damages.
- Due to the high elasticity can be applied at negative temperatures; this coating will not be cracked.
- A single component composition is easy to use. Just open, mix and paint.
Fields of application:

- Anti-corrosion treatment of a car.
- Treatment of hidden cavities.
- Repair of metal roofs of buildings, sheds, vans.
- Soundproofing of constructions made of a thin metal, the wheel arches and the underside of cars.
- Protection of pipelines and metal instilled into the ground.
- Protection of steel structures, operating in wet conditions.
- Painting of metal, protection of metals against corrosion and salt mists.
- Anticorrosive repairing of a ships holds and pontoons.

• The color of composition: Black.
• Climatic belts of application: All.
• Applied by brush or by spraying.
• Forms of packaging: bucket (20 kg.), can (2.4 kg), aerosol can 1000ml (750ml filling).

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