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Liquid Glassine

Dewatering Polymer Composition

Liquid Bitumen Paper
Жидкий Пергамин

Liquid Bitumen Paper” is the Dewatering Polymer Composition, specially designed to protect wood from rotting in the construction of wooden houses, bathhouses or sauna buildings. It is also used for waterproofing of basements to protect concrete. This composition is also used for waterproofing of a floor, basement waterproofing and waterproofing of bathrooms; to protect aerated concrete from moisture and destruction. It can be used as an effective substitute of wood impregnation fluids to protect a wood from rotting and to make the waterproofing; especially while treatment the cavities, where process of a wood rotting is the most intense. The consistency of the polymerized composition is similar to a soft rubber, or a chewing gum of a black color. When protecting wooden or concrete surfaces, they can be additionally coated with sand or colored granite dropouts in order to increase the coating durability and to improve the decorative properties.

Liquid Bitumen Paper” possesses a high capillarity; therefore the porous layer of wood, concrete or aerated concrete will be deeply impregnated. It provides the long-term protection of wood from rotting and reliable waterproofing of concrete. The composition simulates the properties of a living tree juices and can rise up through a wood capillaries at a height of more than a meter. Protection of wood or an aerated concrete will not be destroyed even in a case of small damage of the outer coating layer, because all the capillaries and pores of the treated material are covered with the micro plugs of the solidified polymer.

Liquid Bitumen Paper” formula includes primer and a complex of several safe for humans and animals fungicides. That provides a long-term protection of wood from rotting in the construction of wooden houses, bathhouses or sauna buildings, as well as protects concrete from the biodegradation when a building basement waterproofing done. Avoid falling of the liquid composition into water during the construction of bathhouses on the banks of rivers, as it is not safe for fish.

“Liquid Bitumen Paper” penetrates deeply into the cracks; it can be applied equally well both on dry and clean, and on wet or dirty surfaces, because it consists a special dewatering additive. This additive removes water when a waterproofing of concrete/aerated concrete or an impregnation of wood is carrying out. Water is collected in balls as if it is mercury, without disturbing the treatment process. This composition can be effectively used for waterproofing of bathroom floor, or for building basements waterproofing. It is also used for painting the elements of fences and barriers, or in the construction of wooden elements for flower beds.

“Liquid Bitumen Paper” can be applied at temperatures up to - 15 C; in this case the surface should be free from ice or mud. The ice must be removed, because it cannot be impregnated that reduces the wood protection quality, or the protection of concrete from moisture.

Liquid Bitumen Paper” is the ability to buy the impregnation for wood and aerated concrete, the primer, antiseptic and fungicide simultaneously. Quick repair is possible even in the rain and snow; now you can work in any weather.

Features and Benefits:

- Long-term protection of wood from rotting. Composition contains modern safe herbicides.
- No need to waste time and money for drying wood or cleaning concrete.
- Can be applied on wet and dirty surfaces without preparation. It displaces the water.
- No need to wait for a suitable weather; immediate repair is possible even in the rain and snow.
- It has a high capillarity, penetrates deeply into the cracks, cavities, damages and impregnates pores; that blocks access of moisture and oxygen and protects the wood from rotting.
- Composition contains the high adhesion primer.
- Due to the high elasticity can be applied at negative temperatures (up to - 15C); this coating will not be cracked.
- A single component composition is easy to use. Just open, mix and paint.
Fields of application:

- Construction of the bathhouses and sauna buildings, painting of beams and subfloor.
- Construction and repair of log houses, the treatment of the lower logs.
- Waterproofing of a basement and a cellar.
- Waterproofing of the floor.
- Waterproofing of a bathroom.
- Coating for wooden constructions that operate in wet conditions.
- Building of wooden houses.
- Painting the elements of fences and barriers.
- Painting of wooden elements for flower beds.

• The color of composition: Black.
• Climatic belts of application: All.
• Applied by brush or by spraying.
• Forms of packaging: bucket (20 kg.), can (2.4 kg), aerosol can 1000ml (750ml filling).

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